Looks like the confidence I was talking about a month ago paid off. I did well in the entrance exam for Oulu as expected, but today I found out I've also been accepted into the university of Jyväskylä. Actually, I seem to have made it into every school I applied for.

And now I have to choose between two universities. This wasn't something I had prepared for, and it's turning out to be a somewhat difficult task. While Jyväskylä is much closer to the southern parts of Finland where 99% of my Finnish friends live in, their school has a rather heavy emphasis on math and/or economics, both of which are far from being my favourite subjects. Furthermore, I've got a few friends in Oulu but know nobody in JKL. As cities they both seem to be fine, and I doubt the quality of teaching etc varies that much either.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. In fact my self confidence is at an all time high, knowing that I've successfully passed all those exams I studied so hard for. However, I'm bound to crash back to the ground head first after I exchange my high paying IT job for the stress-filled life of an economically challenged student. Sure, instant ramen seems delicious now...

At least I'll finally have a good enough excuse to move out of my parents' house.
My dad seemed very pleased at the news..


I guess I've made up my mind: in two months I'll be having my own northern exposure way up in Oulu. 3.5 extra hours in a train per direction isn't that bad, is it? Mom is naturally upset of my choice, because to her it means I won't be visiting my family as often. My dad is ecstatic knowing I'll be out of the house soon. And me? I'm stoked for being the first person (that I know of) in both of my parents' families to enter such a school. Who knows, perhaps I'll even graduate some day...