Now, most of you probably don't care about Finnish sports news - the universe knows I don't - so let me bring you up to speed.
The Nordic World Ski Championships were just held in Lahti, Finland. At the end of the week, one of the top Finnish skiiers got busted for using a banned hemoglobin-lowering substance. This weekend an another Finn was caught doing the same thing. Doctors of the National Skiing Union quit. Next up someone discovered a bag belonging to the union, left in a gas station during a competition trip. Full of banned drugs, of course. People were fired, and the whole nation is expecting the results of tests done to the entire Finnish team taking part in the championships.

So, Why do I care?

This morning when I woke up, the morning TV programming featured nothing but talk about doping. While having breakfast I browsed through the local newspaper, and most of the content involved doping. I got to the office where everyone was discussing doping. While avoiding work I check out my usual news websites, which are all filled to the brim on doping. We head for lunch to the best Chinese restaurant in town, and while eating coworkers discuss nothing but doping. Back at work, we hold a client meeting where everybody jokes about doping. Upon getting home, I'm greeted with a whole family shouting about the shocking doping scandal on top of the TV and radio blaring about the shocking doping scandal.
Please, SHUT UP already!

Am I really the only one not shocked by a thing like this? Professional athletes cheat in all corners of the planet, why would Suomi be any better? This time the cheaters just happened to be caught. Anyone naive enough to believe Finnish skiers would be purity, honesty and good sportsmanship incarnates just got the reality check they needed. In my mind the whole issue is dead simple. People broke the rules, were caught and have to suffer the consequences. End of story.
The only thing I gain from all this media coverage is the amusement of seeing the guilty parties' pathetic attempts to explain their actions. "I didn't know it was illegal" seems to be the most popular one.

All in all, the whole ordeal has only affected my life in two ways: creating a day of frustration, and approximately six months of not watching any news or reading the local newspaper. When it comes to the plain old uneventful Finland, this sort of thing does not blow over quickly.

Sorry about the rant. A day full of repetition on such a silly topic can make a guy little edgy.

Other than that, the day was nice. I have really been into E2 lately, and it feels good. The people who say "this place isn't as fun as it used to be" should just look in a mirror in my opinion. It's what you make of it.
Then again, what does a lowly noder with only 11 months of experience know about this stuff?