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I found myself inside the house of parliament in Helsinki. I was sitting in the audience balcony with a friend, watching the representatives having an important discussion.
Suddenly, a drunken homeless guy walks in to the space below - in which only the politicians are alloved - and starts making lots of drunken noise. Security quickly apprehends the troublemaker and hauls him off through the doors he came in from. But soon, an another wasted hobo entered from the same place to wreak havoc. By the time the security people were busy trying to restain the third drunk, my friend and I decided to go and check out where there were coming from.

We entered what looked like an all you can eat buffet for the representatives. And sure enough, we found a homeless man stuffing his face with free food.
Continuing our walk, we entered an another hall which looked like a really fancy restaurant / night club. I spotted my ex-girlfriend (any of such I don't have in real life) having dinner with some other guy. We exhanged a few words, after which she threw her chair at me.

At this point it became obvious I was in the middle of some slapstick comedy. I threw a chair back at her, which resulted in her and her new boyfriend throwing more furniture and food items towards me and my friend. Pretty soon stuff was flying all over the hall, and I decided to escape to the next one.
The next place was a quiet buffet much like room number one. Suddenly I spotted my mortal enemy (who also doesn't have any real life counterpart) lining up for salad. Logically, I grabbed the nearest chair to me and flinged it at him. Only it missed, and hit an innocent bystander. That person got really mad and started attacking me with anything he could get his hands on. I used the duck and cover method and hid under the nearest table.

And then I woke up.

This was the only dream I remember clearly, but there are a few snippets of the other ones..