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Isn't the custom anymore for the first dream log poster to insert this?

I was playing football (that's soccer to you merkins) in an old warehouse of some sort. The place was in a terrible condition, with tons of dust and junk all over. The windows were broken, and the whole building looked condemned.
The match was apparently a charity game, with a few celebrities playing along. I was on the same team as Teemu Selänne (a Finnish NHL player). When I kicked the ball, it hit something sharp on the side of the hall the game took place in. The ball got pierced, and apparenly we had no spare anywhere.
Mr. Selänne got very angry at me, but I defended myself saying it was an accident (which it was). Our argument got quite heated, up to the point where he started kicking me! I fell down, and he stomped on my legs, like he was trying to break them completely. But he was unsuccessful, in fact him jumping on my legs didn't even hurt. So I sat on the dusty floor, laughing at his attempts to injure me.

A war was going on. I was with a group of soldiers, stationed in a building very similar of the one in the football segment of my dream. It was dark, and we were apparently just guarding the surroundings.
A some sort of conflict had broken between some members of the group. Our leader was constantly in a heated discussion with others, and the whole thing was very complex. It didn't involve me, though.
The leader locked himself in a small room with an another soldier. After a while the rest of us heard a gunshot. I never did find out who got shot, and what was actually going on.