ReXX had bought a white convertible Cadillac and a summer cottage in some small town far away from Helsinki. Me, him and Jope drove the cadillac to visit the cabin and attend a film festival held in the town.

After spending some time at the cottage, we drove downtown. It was getting late, and the city center was filled with drunk teens making a lot of noise. We decided this sort of thing wasn't for us, and left to drive around the countryside in ReXX' cool Cadillac. Later on we returned to the town and noticed things had calmed down a little.

Next we entered one of the movie theaters and proceeded to watch a flick. Suddently one of us realized we had left lots of DVDs and other valuable stuff in the car, and feared somebody would steal them. Upon returning to the parked vehicle, we found all the things left inside were still in place, but the entire front body of the car was missing!

ReXX was understandably pissed off, since Cadillacs aren't free.