This dream was most likely created in my head because I played Final Fantasy IV (the dumbed-down version) for an hour right before going to sleep.

I found myself in the middle of a tough battle against a very nasty boss enemy. The setting was the gym hall of a school for some reason.

Each time our 3-person group beat the monster, it changed form into something completely different. The first one was some huge abstract shape with parts reminding me of ancient Roman palaces. It changed into two floating faces, and soon after spawned a group of 8 humans in ninja-style clothes. These "ninjas" used a sleep ability to knock the other two fighters out of combat, and I was the only one left.

To make things worse, the "ninjas" summoned a huge crowd of children to help, to make the enemy horde seem impossible to beat. But somehow I managed to cast an impressive-looking spell out of the blue, and the whole bunch was wiped out.

Next thing I knew, the stage curtain opened, and dozens of children started walking towards the playing field where the battle had taken place. It seemed that nasty boss monster had kidnapped them for some reason, and now they were free. It was a weird but emotional moment. Then the alarm in my cell phone started ringing.

Well, this was a trippy one. Not too deep or meaningful, but who cares? If I can't be a hero in real life, there's always the dreamworld.. :)