9 hours of sleep has never felt this good.

Thankfully these insomnia attacks of mine only last for 1-3 nights. The invisible plastic wrap separating me from reality has been removed! I feel like I was dead for 2 days and have now been resurrected. And I still can't understand those people who deliberately pull all-nighters and act like it's no big deal. One more night of laying awake and I would've gone postal.

Oh, right..
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää to all the Finnish noders!
Although practically it isn't more than a day off from work for me. I don't plan to spend the night watching what pseudo-celebrities and politicians have put on for the president's reception, or how they shake the hands of Tarja & Pentti for what seems like an eternity. Anyhow, I'm glad Suomi isn't just a part of Russia these days.
Hmm. I wonder why Rexx wasn't invited to the reception? He made the president's home page after all. :)


Some of the 3 people who actually read day logs might remember the Big LightWave Project™ I planned last summer. I was intending to finish it by December 15, 2000 .. And I just realized I have barely started working on it!
Damn. I really want to do this thing. So I guess there's nothing to do except rebooting to Win2k and start up LW. If I make it, part of the result will be visible in my home node.