You're not alone, dmd.

I got around 1-2 hours of sleep last night. This type of thing isn't very common, but it sucks every single time it occurs.
Everything is weird when you haven't slept. It feels like there is a plastic membrane separating all your senses from the world, making all things seem distant and alien. It kind of reminds me of the time I tried acid, except that this is not enjoyable.
What about working in this state? The PHP looks like hebrew written with kanji to me. (and before you /msg me - that was the point!) I'm even having a hard time trying to type up a coherent day log entry.
Some veteran insomniacs out there might think I'm whining about nothing. "Only one hour on one night? Bah! I've gone three nights without sleeping at all!" But unlike many others (including my father), I just happen to be someone who simply can't function properly without at least 7 hours of downtime.
*sigh*.. Oh well, at least my job doesn't involve anything physical.

Hmm. I wonder why I haven't heard from my friends in the Far East in a while. The cable connecting Asia to the rest of us is fixed now, right?
Maybe they just forgot about me. I wouldn't blame them..

Btw, today is Jope's first day in this slave labor camp.. er.. I mean, fantastic corporation.