It's still below the average sum paid to people in my field, but for a person with no diplomas other than one from lukio, and from a very small and young company, the pay I'll be getting from January 2, 2000 onwards is surprisingly good. Let me tell you, I was very motivated for the rest of the day after I signed the contract. :)
The man will most likely raise my taxes more than would be necessary now, but nevertheless this means there shouldn't be any financial obstacles between me and the planned trip to Tokyo next autumn. And since Rexx is generally doing much better than me with his earnings, I don't think he'll have a problem either. Nihon, here we come!

And lots of it. Walking home from work in -10°C with truckloads of snow falling down all around me I remembered why I spent the entire summer whining about it not being winter on E2. Here in southern Finland, there seems to be a large amount of young people who bitch and moan about the temperature as soon as it drops below +25°C. Pardon my french, but right now those people can suck my balls. If they can't enjoy the cold beauty of mother nature, so be it.
Still, I do realize I'm pretty much the direct opposite of those people. In 6 months, when I'm feeling like an overcooked ham in the oven, the winter haters will be the ones laughing. Those are the breaks.

Ahhh, it's friday already. It's too bad I don't have anything special to do on new year's eve, but at least there is E2. Due to being busy both in the office and at home, I haven't been able to node as much lately. This weekend I will attempt to put an end to that by continuing my projects. Don't worry, I won't become a 100% day log noder. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And in case I forget to say it later on..
Happy 2001 to all Everythingians!
Even to the systematically downvoting and soft-linking cowards. But only this time.

To be continued.