Thank you so very much for your kind words, simonc.
I'm not sure if I'm worthy of them, but I will try.
I love you too, man. Just like all the other wonderful everythingians I've encountered. (you know who you are)

I think this coming-in-early business I childishly complained about yesterday is actually paying off. I have been strangely productive all day, and longer hours mean more time to do some noding instead of actual work.
In addition to that, I have had the priviledge of inhaling ethanol and cinnamon fumes all day. This is due to our parent company having a formal Christmas party for clients and business partners. For some reason they have to use our kitchen for preparing the traditional xmas drinks, and this room is right next to it. Ahh, the sweet stench of cinnamon... Our entire firm also visited the stiff and formal party, where our CEO made a commendable attempt at making small talk with us lower class lifeforms.

I am definitely in the holiday mood today. The reason is hard to pinpoint - main factors must be simonc's emotional (drunken? :)) ramblings, my success in being a good employee today and the winter that finally arrived. Hopefully I'm not coming down any time soon.
But there is work to be done, so I have to stop here. Happy downvoting.

4 day logs in a row ?!
No wonder the systematically downvoting cowards hate me. Well, kiss my XP whoring ass for all I care.
Still, in fear of being typecast I must continue one of my major projects before submitting any more pointless diary things.

on December 21, 2000

Once again, E2 has persuaded me to do something I wouldn't even consider otherwise. I joined the SparkMatch Registry craze and submitted myself to the system.
Believe me, I didn't do this to find anyone.
For me, the fact that fat, ugly geeks aren't the type that interests the members of that mysterious other gender became obvious approximately 5 years ago. I can't say it doesn't bother me at all - sometimes it really gets me down - but I'm not desperately trying to achieve something that simply can't be done.
This was simply a communal activity kind of thing. 99.9% of the active noders remain complete strangers to me, and maybe this will make a difference.

Well, it seems like Simon withdrew the nice things he said about me. Was it all just ethanol talking? IMHO there's no need to feel ashamed about any overly negative/positive comments.. It comes with the territory when noding while drunk. I myself have said stuff I wish I hadn't a few times noding in the middle of my traditional weekend gloom, but I see them as valuable pieces of history. Or something.

Ok, I'm not making any sense here. Time to go and enjoy my nightly downtime dosage.
And sorry for not finishing the new Moog writeup today. Tomorrow it will be there for everybody to ignore.
Good night.