So, it's December.
Somehow I find it hard to start getting on the christmas mood when there is no snow in sight, it gets dark by 14 o'clock and Perdedor has quit E2. Still, for some reason my usual weekend gloom hasn't hit as hard as it often does. Although I was close last night. How come when a "friend" decides to put me down he/she always manages to hit where it hurts? They know me too well, I guess.

In any case, it once again feels great to have nothing to do for 64 hours. Actually, I've got a million things on my hands but none of them are absolutely necessary. It's the freedom to choose I'm fond of. I can be a lazy bastard if I want to, and there is no boss to bitch and moan about it. And that's what the weekends are for, when you don't have a significant other.
Perhaps I will even node something today. There are many unfinished projects and ideas for so much more...

I still sucks Perdedor decided to quit. He was one of the coolest people I've met on E2.
Oh well, at least his nodes will live on.


Château de la Tour - Réservé du Château 1997

But don't worry, this won't result in noding while drunk. I'm not noding or drunk. And you won't see any sentimental whining from me tonight either, since I'm feeling fine for some unknown reason. Probably because nearly everybody of our "gang" is present at IRC tonight. It's nice to not feel lonely for a change.

Record of the Day
Robert Hood - Nighttime World volume 1 (1995)