Well, this is just fscking fantastic.
I got a great christmas present from the bosses. My new workday starts at 8 and ends around 16:30. Which means I have to get up before 7, and I'll get home around 18.
Thanks. That's just what I needed.
I wonder how long I can stand the long hours and sleep deprivation before reaching full nervous breakdown? Until the end of January maybe?
Then again, what gives me the right to complain? I used the kyuuryou dorobou concept to describe myself on my home node, and while I don't fit the profile completely for obvious reasons, it's still pretty close. I don't have any skills whatsoever, and the company pays me despite that and the fact that I'm quite lazy. So since I get paid for doing nothing I should just shut up, do what they tell me and be grateful. I can always sleep on weekends, I guess...
Still, I can't lie that I'm happy with the situation. If I only were smart, I could just easily enter an university and eventually become the boss myself. But some people were born to lead and others to be slaves. No points for guessing which group I belong to.

On a more positive note.. My apologies to the force of nature in case I offended her yesterday. Walking home from work was incredible due to the tiny layer of snow that had fallen. Amazing how a minimal amount of frozen water can be so uplifting. The dry cold air is also incredibly refreshing. This weather might only last for a few days, but I'm loving every second of it.

This afternoon I have been listening to the new album from Koneveljet, and let me tell you.. At first it seemed like some dead boring drum'n'bass, but after listening to the entire record I must say it is one of the best pieces of audio I have heard in a while! Brilliant sci-fi-style soundscapes, smart samples, tons of variability.. It all sounds like a cross between Tangerine Dream, Robert Hood, Biochip C and The Orb.
What can I say?
Finland rules.
Oh, and the latest Pan sonic album is rather nice as well, but not very groundbreaking. Mika and Ilpo should try something new, since they are somewhat stuck with the same gimmicks at the moment. A good album anyway.

With my new nazi schedule and general busyness at the office, my noding activities may be severely reduced from now on. I try to write as much as I can at home, during the little free time I have left.


A small clarification to the text above. No, I don't think 7 o'clock is that early. But with my hobbies it is quite hard to get in bed before 1 am, and I am one of those people who have to sleep properly or they're completely out of it. See my insomnia day logs from 2 weeks ago for an example.

And yes, I do know I am a spoiled cry-baby. Just downvote me and get over it.