LightWave 6.5 has manged to rekindle my love for raytracing. I modeled like an animal last night, and even came up with something! This is something remarkable.
It was a good choice to divide my Big LightWave Project™ in two parts, since there was no way I was going to finish the whole thing before Christmas. With no strict deadline for the non-xmas-part, I have a chance to make it into something breathtaking. Providing I don't lose interest in the project after a month or two.

Oh, right.. there was also the party on Friday. Well, it wasn't that much of a party. Only 7 people showed up at Jope's house, and we spent the evening with normal geek activities, including Dreamcast, beer and good old herbal remedies. I had fun, but then again I'm not a very demanding person when it comes to spending time with other people. :) It was great to meet face to face a pal I had met in IRC many many years ago. From our private ~25 person channel, I have now met all but two people. Yes, the other one is you norev!

Only a few days ago I really realiknew it for a long while, but with no winter weathers it seemed so distant. Now that my family has the preparations going strong, the holidays seem like just a few days away - which they are.
Sorry, did I say holidays?
*bzzzt* Try again, dumbass!
No vacation for break, I'm afraid. I'm forced to be a slave for the days between Xmas and new year's eve, and there are no days off coming in the foreseeable future either. But that doesn't really bother me, since there is always the option of showing up at the office and just slacking off for the entire day. Still, I'd more enjoy doing my slacking at home.
And don't even mention a Christmas bonus..

Getting no holiday hasn't stopped me for spending money like a good consumer. Since my dad has been drooling over Leatherman tools for a while, I went out and bought him a Leatherman® Wave™. As long as nobody else got the same idea, the old man should be very pleased. Since my little sister is getting so much presents from others, the word is I don't have to get her anything. Since I'm an ugly geek with no significant other, plus I've already gotten a nice gift for my closest IRL friend, I don't have a huge list of people to buy presents for. With my miniscule budget, the only person left is my mother. I'll probably join forces with dad to get something special for her, but it's hard to come up with something for someone who has everything and keeps buying more stuff each day. Yes, my mom is something of a shopping addict, although she usually manages to keep it within a reasonable scale. I'm still happy that we don't have any credit cards in the house...

Time for Break's Boring Weather Watch™.
Surprisingly, some minor elements of winter actually have appeared. The temperature is around +0°C, and tiny bits of wet snow have fallen from the skies. But this is only temporary. From the next weekend onwards it's rain and warmth again.
Forces of nature.. I hate you.

To be continued.