A bi-timbral analog/digital synthesizer with a 6-voice polyphony and a 61-note keyboard.
Manufactured between 1984 and 1986 by Crumar, who used the name Bit at the time.

The Bit One offers 2 DCOs per voice, switchable between sawtooth, triangle and pulse waveforms, with extra noise generator on DCO1. As the filter, each voice has a 4-pole (24dB/octave) resonant VCF (SSM 2044) with its own ADSR envelope generator. The VCA also features an ADSR EG.
As a somewhat special feature, there are two LFOs for each voice. Available waveforms are triangle, ramp and square.

63 user programmable patches are stored in the One's internal RAM, with extra space available in form of a cassette interface. The keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive, and features a bi-timbral mode with 3-note polyphony. A chorus effect is included, as well as the usual pitch bend and modulation wheels.
MIDI implementation is available, but only offers omni on making things difficult if not using a dedicated port.

Unfortunately the Bit One didn't do good commercially, and soon after its release Crumar went out of business.

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