12:17 EET

Looks like it's going to be a workday dedicated to noding. My client is having an internal meeting on the project, which means I just have to sit around and wait for the judgement.
Well, I seem to be lucky today. I was just cursing on forgetting to grab any snacks to work, and found a chocolate bar I bought yesterday and forgot in my backpack. It's not a luxurious banquet by any means, but a lot better than nothing.

Great! If my measuring is correct, a 19" Samsung monitor (900SL+) can just barely fit a new into my desk/shelf/cabinet-system at home. I couldn't really afford one, but I have no choice with my current screen approaching the end of its road. Too bad a new TV is really away from my financial reach, since I wouldn't go with anything less than a nice-sized 100Hz widescreen television. The money is even not the only issue, that kind of monster would need a reasonable amount of space, which I don't possess.

Ok, although I don't have any work to speak of today, I should go easy on the noding. Last night I started feeling the symptoms of an E2 Overdose already. Apparently I haven't built much tolerance for this drug yet.

14:32 EET

Speaking of last night, I made an another attempt at producing "piripolkka" for my friend. It came a bit closer, but I still don't feel "at home" creating that kind of material. I have to play a raw version of the track to my friend to see if it's anything like what he is looking for.

What's going on with my neck? It has felt welded shut all day. I should get a new pillow or try to change my typical sleeping position. Or could it be I just sit in front of a computer too much? No, impossible..
The company should hire a pretty secretary with above-average massaging skills. Yes, that would be something.

Wow, apparently I'm not the only one thinking there is something wrong with the day log upvote dumping (see my entry yesterday). While I still feel quilty for getting the same reputation for boring and uninteresting entries than I do with the noteworthy ones (if there are any). But still, dumping by upvoting is better than downvoting us all.
Come to think of it, maybe all these entries somehow deserve the votes? At least I myself enjoy reading everybody's thoughts and accounts of daily events, even those which aren't earthshattering. Still, pure mindless dumping isn't good. At least I'm balancing out the books by spewing out tons of synth nodes which never get more than +1.
Blah, this is the last you'll hear from me on the subject. What use is there to whine for this? Haven't I got anything better to do? (ok, let's not go there)
Vote what you like, how you like and for what reasons you think it's appropriate.
It's not all about the XP anyway, you know.

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Gas - Köningsforst
One of the best albums from 1999.