13:00 EET

Note to self: Do not buy two paninis and think you could eat both of them in a row.

I think I'm going to barf.
Those things are so damn filling.

Nausea aside, the day has gone pretty well. I got my printed Arabuusimiehet-posters, and they look quite pretty. But I am thinking about getting real posters made out of it, big and on a shiny paper. That would qualify as cool if you ask me.

Once again, I had to just sit around while the bosses held some presentation using my workstation. It sucks to have the best monitor in the office. Well, actually it's nearly the only monitor, since many of us use laptops nowadays. I prefer a real PC with a 19" screen, thank you.
Some of my fellow workers say they are coming down with a fever. Since I've only been seriously sick once in the last five years, it's doubtful they can spread the virus on me. A couple days of solid sack time couldn't really hurt though. I didn't have a vacation this summer, saving my holidays for december.

I *really* feel nauseous. Maybe some good old noding will take my mind off the Italian delicacies trying to burst out of my stomach.

15:55 EET

Phew! Just like yesterday, I have somehow managed to do important work stuff and a lot of noding. A lot for a slow noder like myself, that is. And unlike some of you might think, none of my synthesizer entries are "cut'n'paste writeups". The information is gathered from 4-5 sources and written in my own words. Hopefully this is appreciated by at least some of you.

I'm somewhat happy to see this crap I'm typing hasn't received much votes today, at least yet. Getting lots of XP for such mindless sludge makes me feel all guilty, since other noders (like Prole today) present a helluva lot more interesting and meaningful thoughts than myself, but get roughly the same amount of upvotes. And I for one don't write day logs for the XP. Naturally, I prefer the current situation to all the entries being downvoted. Still, there is guilt from getting XP way too easy.
*sigh*.. what the hell am I whining about again? I should try my best to come up with interesting and meaningful stuff, instead of wasting time and space complaining about something so silly.

Time to leave the office. I'm supposed to shave and get a haircut today. No more Chewbacca-look for a while!

22:54 EET

After losing my beard and most of my hair, I almost look like a human being! I should probably take a new picture of myself now, before the removed accessories grow back. Not that the picture currently on my home node would be too outdated, it was taken some 11 months ago.

Dunno why, but I feel *good*. There isn't anything particular to feel happy about, but nothing that negative either. Maybe it's the comfortable weather? The good music I'm listening to? Who cares? I'll enjoy the feeling as long as it will last.

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