12:52 EET


I Only got between 4 and 5 hours of sleep last night. No idea on why this happened, maybe because of the sweaty temperature. So here I am again, in a zombie-like state at the office.
Surprisingly, I have managed to do reasonable amounts of both noding and working. Perhaps the weariness provides me improved concentration, since I don't have the energy to do 5 different things simultaneously? Normally I'm one of those people who just has to read while eating, watch TV while 3D-modeling, listen to music when doing just about anything that doesn't involve sound... You get the idea.

It's time for lunch. I think I'll check if the local cafe has any good salads. If not, it's junk food once again.

15:06 EET

The salads didn't look that tempting, so I got a french bread filled with ham and stuff. Nice. Tomorrow I'll prob'ly try a panini, since they look much more delicious.

The bosses seized my workstation to demonstrate some new project to potential customers. This means I had to just stand around for half an hour. And now it's past 15 already, and I'll leave shortly. What a productive workday, once again.

18:03 EET

I recieved word that my Arabuusimiehet posters are on their way from Helsinki. Joy! Designing the Arabuusimiehet shirt is being started again too. So if you spot some guy with The Holy Blue Watermelon and some weird slogan written in kanji on his shirt, say hi. It might be me. :)

The rest of the family has escaped to Tampere, apparently my parents gave in to my sister, who kept whining about visiting a theme park. I won't complain, because this means a few hours of peace around here. Time to start up Lightwave and get my hands on some polygons.

To be continued...

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