Still at the office, yawning. We are now in our second week of the most intense deadline crunch I've yet experienced in my less than 2 years of work experience. Last night I experienced the almost traditional Sunday Sleeplessness™, leaving me with approximately 3 hours of downtime to recharge myself for the tough workday.
But I work better when I'm dead tired anyway.
Today wasn't as nuts as last Thursday or Friday, but things have still been extremely busy. Fueled by strong green tea and XTZ Placebo Mints I have actually managed to do my part in putting all the crap together in schedule. Call me crazy, but on some level I actually enjoy the chaos. The project is a piece of excrement, but that only increases the adrenaline rush. Anger and frustration are great motivators, don't you think?
However, I can't wait for the madness to end. Two weeks for now things should be back to normal and I can turn back into my unambitious and lazy self. Ahh, it will be so sweet..

Special thanks to the sausage'n'cheese master simonc for once again cheering me up.

Time to get home, more daylogging later.