12:08 EET

Half-asleep at the office again.
My limbs will probably come apart from all this stretching, and the constant yawning will most likely get me lockjaw. The traditional Friday euphoria is quite low today because of my weariness. Again I managed to miss many hours of much needed sleep by thinking "Oh, it's not that late yet" all night. Thankfully we don't have strict hours here at work, or I'd be in a big trouble.

The bosses celebrated the company making a nice profit by buying themselves Nokia 7110 GSMs. I myself think WAP is just another overhyped piece of useless crap, so I'm not jealous or anything. Still, I would appreciate some sort of bonus too. Maybe when this company grows past Oracle.. :)

The Assembly 2000 began yesterday, but I have no intent of visiting the giant Quake-fest. I used to be in the demo scene back in the Amiga days, and it really hurts me to see the scene die and be replaced by kiddies leeching pr0n and playing Counter Strike. But since there really is no scene to talk of anymore, it would be stupid to say those kids shouldn't be allowed in.
This whole thing makes me wonder, though.. The Finnish media always makes a big deal of talent scouts finding new experts for their companies.
What, experts in Quake?
I myself learned a great deal about music in the scene days, but what skills do you get from deathmatch? Except maybe improved reflexes?
I know, it's just supposed to be fun. So why won't they shut up about the whole creativity part and call it what it is: A huge bunch of people downloading warez and playing.
The demo scene does still exist, though. But the hardcore sceners don't seem to do much other than get drunk and stoned (not that there's anything wrong with that) and the few products presented at the competitions simply suck ass. I remember when quality demos were released every day, not aiming at big $$$ from a demo party. Not all of them were good - some were downright terrible - but at least people were productive! Oh well... Like they said in Northern Exposure, things become extinct.

Whoops, this entry turned into a rant-like thing. Why did I even bother getting all worked up about such an issue? I could probably use a joint.