12:40 EET

I don't understand wtf is going on in this firm.
One minute they're saying they've got an 8-month project for me with a substantial salary. A minute later they tell me the only thing available is some XSL coding. Next I'm told this would be a great time for a vacation.
Yeah, that's exactly what I need with less than 1000FIM on my account in the middle of autumn!
Maybe I really need to quit, since this company obviously can't find use for me. Then again, with my (lack of) education, experience and expertise I can't do any better either. Am I going to be stuck in two-bit firms like this for the rest of my life?

Great, they got the business cards from the printing company today. At least they will make nice roach carton.

16:36 EET

Due to some divine intervention perhaps, I managed to code some PHP stuff that actually works! Sure, it was very simple and my code probably looks quite bad, but still.. At least I have a feeling I did something worthwhile at the office.

My backup project is now complete!
The trigger happy editors can destroy it all now, if that is what they think should be done. At least everything I've written is safe with me now.

Time to leave out to the rain and get some junk food at good old Carrols. Mmm, hardening arteries...

To be continued...