15:22 EET

Phew, another busy workday. My boss left for some meeting, so I sneaked to type this quick day log entry.

We just noticed that the 2nd birthday of Arabuusimiehet is less than a month away, and decided to celebrate it by finally finishing the portal site we've been planning for ages. Also, the third version of The Holy Blue Electric Watermelon™ fits the occasion perfectly. An attack with placing Arabuusimiehet-posters all over Helsinki would be cool too, but the Grand ArabuusiMaster's bosses would soon notice him abusing the printers at work.

Btw, 5 minutes after submitting yesterday's entry I found the missing colored pencils. Since it was late already, but I couldn't resist the temptation, I stayed up way too late. Yep, another zombie-like day at the office. But at least I scribbled a pretty nice piece, when (if?) I achieve level 6 I'll put that to my home node.

Heh, Neko's entry brought a smile to my face. It also reminded me of why I don't enjoy drinking anymore.

Time to look busy again.

23:57 EET

Phew, got the place cleaned up. Now I should begin my mental preparations for another company mini golf match tommorrow.. Nah, I'll just watch Seinfeld instead.

Track of the day:  Skillsters - Too Pyssy for Bullshit