0:58 EET
(on August 28)

I used to hate sunday nights. Back when I was at lukio - and before that in elementary/secondary school - sunday night meant having to go to sleep way too early, for an early start on monday. There was rarely anything good on TV, so the only activities were doing homework etc. This made the whole evening suck.
Nowadays things are quite different. I don't have to wake up for work until 10 o'clock, there's no work-related stuff to worry about and the progarams offered by Finnish television are at least watchable. (Seinfeld and a golf-related-show is all you need! :)) Even the life-obsessed IRC friends crawl out to chat after being away since Friday. I wonder how I'll feel next year, re-aquaintancing myself with the joys of education again?

Btw, if anybody out there has a good collection of house/techno vinyls from 1991-1992, check out my updated home node for a wanted-list! I'm trying to track down some classic (to me, anyway) records and it has turned out to be more hard I first imagined.