I have spent the morning listening to the long awaited new Aphex Twin album drukQs.
I never really thought of RDJ as the ½ god so many have made him up to be. I actually liked his previous album, but the "hit" singles sounded like nothing more than a bad joke played on the "electronica" trend-snobs at the expense of people who enjoyed his music in the past. And after the brilliant new Squarepusher release, AFX's similar stuff wouldn't have a chance, right?
However, I am pleased to say the new album was a pleasant surprise. It sounds like the old and new AFX styles mixed together with - as Sakke noted - heavy influences from the old Caustic Window stuff. You've got the distorted beats, spastic drill'n'bass stuff as well as the trademark Aphex Twin melodies we've come used to hear since the early days. But instead of seeming like old crap put together to make $$$, the record sounds fresh and versatile. Instead of half-serious bits released just to see if they would sell, the tunes seem like music made for the passion to make music. In my honest opinion, this is the release the die-hard fanboys have been wating for.
The guy might be full of shit giving totally bogus (not to mention unfunny) interviews and continuing the tired cryptic track title bit, but I like the album. With all the good releases so far, 2001 is looking like a great year for electronic music.

As for my own life (if any)?
I'll get back to you on that later.