The Hell's Angels are having an international convention right here in Hämeenlinna this weekend. Well, the actual spot for the meeting is far from downtown, but they will undoubtedly visible all over the city.
The local newspaper is trying to create unnecessary and ridiculous hysteria with "will the regular citizen be safe?" articles. Like the only purpose for a big worldwide gathering would be to terrorize local people? I for one won't be fearing for my life. Still.. the last time multiple motorcycle gang members were in one place in Finland, 3 people were killed. That incident involved members from several enemy gangs though, and I severely doubt a rival posse would come anywhere near HML with dozens of 'Angels present.
At least Radio Mafia has some sense of humor, playing Born to be Wild on the air to mark the occasion.


The bosses and fellow employees are planning tomorrow's party held at the deluxe sauna facilities on the top floor. A night of heavy boozing and not much else doesn't feel that appealing to me, so I'll just visit the party and get home early for some geek activities. :)
Sometimes the fact that I don't enjoy drinking hard liquor 'til I pass out makes me feel like an outsider. Fortunately, there now seems to be an another employee who feels the same way. Actually I suspect he might be a pot smoker like myself - why else would he listen to Bob Marley, make jokes about drugs and refuse to drink alcohol to the point of puking? Too bad that is not a thing one can just ask somebody, especially at work.

I really don't feel like noding today, but why? I have lots of work to do, but that hasn't slowed me down before. I'm also somewhat weary, but one can never be too tired to node. No noder's block is bothering me either.
It's probably just a bad day for noding. I'll go sit in the corner now.


I think I just realized why the noding isn't as fun anymore. It's all these people whining and crying about E2 not having enough nodes they think are appropriate. Well excuse me, but I think the site is called Everything2, not "Everything Certain Hot Shot Noders Think is Cool 2". Add to this the constant bitching about downvoting, upvoting, no voting, C!ing, getting to know you nodes... Some individuals don't even have the balls to stand behind their whinings, hence the cowardly soft-links and nodeshelling to offend. I don't quit, but I see why many others do.

You think the day log writers are nothing but XP whores?
These logs don't add anything to what you think E2 should be like?
Just downvote this and shut the fuck up. You can't stop me from noding.

Ok, time to clean up the place, have some Sauvignon Blanc from Chile and relax.
Don't care about my daily happenings? Well boo-hoo.

To be continued...