15:07 EET

Autumn, baby!
For the first time in ages, the temperature graph on the MTV3 website has 0 inside its range! Now if the line just would drop below that magic 10..
Everybody else at the office is cursing the weather, but I'm smiling while sitting here in my long-sleeve shirt. I can't even remember the last time a T-shirt wasn't sufficient! Too bad that with my luck, it will be +30c again next week.

Speaking about the changing season, some person/people living in the building next to my friend has gone a bit too far. Their apartment window got decorated with christmas lights in the middle of august!
Now, seriously. I love xmas as much as the next guy, but isn't this a bit overboard?
I am thinkin about getting those ridiculous lights to my window as well this year. If only to annoy our new neighbor. But with a room already full of colourful psychedelic lights, would they even notice the difference?

It sucks to see DMan quitting. No matter what I think about his aggressive political rants and such, at least most of what he nodes is quite intense. If I would quit E2, would anyone even notice? Hardly. I write bland and boring stuff most of the noders never even read. I don't fight with people on the chatterbox or participate in heavy debate nodes. And I'm quite happy with myself, even if I am an evil politically correct individual. :)

Actually I have nearly quit noding on 2 occasions. When my lack in English skills combined with my usual incoherency caused a node of mine to get misunderstood and myself hated by lots of people, I was quite close. Thanks to the two noders actually trying to help me correct my mistake, and special thanks to the childish asshole who invited everybody to an XP pack rape. You know who you are. The second incident was learning a writeup of mine was nuked with no sensible reason whatsoever. But instead of just accepting my defeat, I decided it's better to make backups and node on. I don't quit.

Ok, before leaving I still have to squeeze a bit of work out of myself. My mom is making her kickass chicken jambalaya tonight, and I don't want to miss that. Although rare, there are moments when living with parents is not that terrible. :)

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