00:45 EET
(on August 21)

It is so damn dead on IRC again. Like I really needed a reminder of how everyone else has a life, a girlfriend or generally something better to do than sit in front of a computer.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
And I'm not ashamed of my geekish activities either. But there's plenty of more to life than this, and it pisses off to see friends being able to enjoy those "nicer things". Blah, what ever. Thankfully the E2 community is always here for me! Right?

Sigh, my hands still smell like reefer after fiddling with buds in the afternoon. I'm just no good at rolling joints! I'm beginning to understand why the nicotine junkies prefer to get their dope pre-rolled from the store. My skill would probably develope better if I smoked more pot, but a few times per month is just right for me. Naturally I'd prefer a (hamster) bong, but it would look a lot more suspicious in front of the neighbors.

So, what else went on this weekend? Nothing much I'm afraid. Got and overdose of Dreamcast games when a friend visited me. My thumb was quite sore after several hours of Soul Calibur, Power Stone 2, Chu Chu Rocket and Dead or Alive 2. They make some kickass multiplayer material for consoles, I tell you! I can't wait for the next party of our private IRC channel for some 4-player-mayhem.

What's up with Canal+ Blue? The only movie they seem to be broadcasting is Negotiator. I have nothing against it, but seriously.. Every time I turn to Blue, that film is on. At least it's anamorphic, but with my crappy TV there's not much joy to get from that.

Well, this was a long and pointless entry. Time to watch some Rurouni Kenshin and go to bed. This weekend ended way too quickly.