12:17 EET

I just love it when a dumbass client decides to do a 180-degree-flip and have 90% of the work already done reconstructed. Just when everything seemed to be going well, they showed up with a list of inceribly idiotic demands. This is especially enjoyable when the project has already missed the deadline because of screw-ups from the client, and all the money has been paid.
I think the only word suitable for this situation would be...

And what's up with all the people whining constantly about day log upvoting/downvoting? Sheesh! I for one couldn't care less either way. Go ahead, downvote this like a wild animal if that's what you think is right. I won't stop posting these logs even if they all get -10. No matter how many levels I drop, you can't stop me from noding.
And what's this, noders crying on the chatterbox about day logs being illogical (?!) and uninteresting? Well, Boo-hoo! What, was this site renamed to "Everything Certain People find Interesting 2" without me noticing? Just shut up and node, will you?

Yes, I am downright cranky. The day hasn't started that well. Thankfully the weekend is approaching...

15:27 EET

Phew! A brand new prototype is finished! I haven't worked this hard in a good while.
And let me tell you.. If this new version doesn't satisfy the client... Well, postal workers won't keep the reputation of being the worst office-killers for long. :) The customer is always right is a phrase that should've left unsaid.

I skipped lunch again, simply because I couldn't afford one. It's sad to be an employed person with not enough $$$ for a french bread and ice tea. The next paycheck arrives in a month , and will be so small McDonalds workers would laugh their asses off at me.

This sucks. Why do all the good jobs require intelligence, experience and education?

To be continued...