15:20 EET

Nice. I'm getting a big, big project on my hands starting in two weeks, if our offer goes through. It involves some heavy coding, so thankfully it's not a one-man-job. Still, there will be no lack of stuff to do at work for at least the next 3 months.
Hopefully a lack of money won't be a problem either, but I've learned not to get my hopes too high with this company. At the moment I'm broke, I've got the first Xfiles DVD box set coming and my home monitor is about to explode. *sigh*.. Sometimes I think life was so much easier when we lived in caves hunting for living. :)

Damn. I intended to write much more here, but realized it's time to get walking. So I'll be back with an update after I get home.

17:12 EET

I don't know whether to laugh or cry because of some people in the drug debate nodes.. Funny, I wasn't aware those reefer madness -followers still exist in such vast numbers outside the goverments and police forces. Go ahead, vote me down. It won't change the truth. Fortunately there also seems to be a good amount of noders who actually use their gray matter.
I may be getting hold of a few blotter hits soon. Maybe I should already take out the orange peeler and open up the balcony door? No, wait.. We don't have a balcony. Damn, I don't get to practice my flying now!

22:49 EET

This is pretty fscked up right here.
One of my very worst writeups just got C!ed. I even tried to have it removed via E2 Nuke Request a while ago but they destroyed an another one instead. Oh well, it goes to show the noders here are my kind of people. :)

I'm really pissed off at my mother at the moment. She just won't shut up! It's not me she's bitching to, but my sister. Not that I would care, but my mom uses her voice more than a regular opera performer. Constantly. Without a pause.
It would be so great to finally be able to move out of this hell hole. But with no money for even a lunch, how could I afford it? *sigh* My only hope is to get to an university next fall. I'm already studying for the admission exams for next year, but it will be extremely difficult for a non-intellectual such as myself.

My backup-work is advancing with approx. 160 of my writeups secure. I haven't noticed any more missing ones, but better safe than nuked. I'd still like to know wtf was wrong with the piece they removed? Ah, forget it.

Damn. No sign of noder's block here. This is one of those nights when there are 1001 things to node and tons of other stuff to do. Hopefully it'll be quiet at the office tomorrow.. >:)

23:23 EET

Special thanks to dannye for clearing up the whole nuking deal, and removing that one embarassing writeup that certainly didn't deserve the C! it got. Unfortunately, I now keep fearing more and more of my writings will be classified as unsuitable for E2 and be removed. That's why I'll keep backuping everything.

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