15:29 EET

I somehow managed to get myself out of the bed at 9:20, in an attempt to slowly turn my daily rhythm a couple of hours counterclockwise. Naturally the early arrival didn't make me work more, since both my current clients are (again!) late for material deliveries. So here I am, noding the day away.

Speaking of which, I'm running out of Korg stuff to node. Not a big deal, since there is still interesting equipment from Sequential Circuits and Roland, after which I could move on to Yamaha, for example. Thanks to the few who have even given my synthesizer nodes some credit by upvoting them or even complementing me on the chatterbox. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is interested in synths.

There's actually one small work-related thing I'd like to finish today. Gotta get to it so I can leave for a well-deserved dinner.

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