15:07 EET

Well, this is a real textbook monday.
My eyes feel really strained, and keeping them on a monitor is not a very pleasant feeling. Once again I fought with network problems for an hour or so, and furthermore I'm even suffering from a case of noder's block!
Actually, noder's block might not be the correct term.. I have plenty of stuff to write about, but with my eyes and all I just can't put myself to create anything other than a day log entry. At least I can let out this monday irritation for your reading pleasure! :)

I found a great pine tree tutorial by Dave Jerrard. By building on it, the most difficult modelling job in my Big LightWave Project™ might become a lot easier. Which is nice, since I realized the other day that 3.5 months is not that much. Why? Because I do most of the modelling on weekends, and there's a limited amount of them left before the "deadline". That's why I've started working on the project with full speed now.

Today was the first day for my little sister Riikka in her new school. Since she has developed slowly, she has been on special classes. And because the funds for everything involving studying are always extremely low in Finland, they are quitting those classes in several schools and putting them into a new one. The new school is closer to where we live, but she still isn't that happy about the sudden change, being thrown into a crowd of mostly unknown kids. Hopefully herteachers are good and she'll make some newfriends among her new classmates.

Ok, I'll get out of the office soon. It's the last chance in a while to get a cheap double-cheeseburger at Carrols, so I'll stop by there. Mmmmm, fattening.

16:54 EET

Starting work for Doppler shift rate 0.086880, FFT length 131072
Nice, my home PC hasn't crashed since I left to work. I really need to get a new processor fan, since it's started to malfunction quite badly, causing the crashes when the processor is in heavy use. It's not like a new fan would cost that much, but there never seems to be time to visit the store and get one.

My sister didn't complain much about the schoolday, so it can't be awful. I'm not sure wether my decision to work for another year before enrolling (or attempting to) to an university was smart or not, but I plan to enjoy the calm workdays while I can. :)