16:13 EET

Card arrived and left. We watched a couple of movies (Human Traffic and Heavy Metal to be exact) plus beat eachother sensless on Power Stone 2 and Soul Calibur. That's pretty much it, since he didn't stay for long. My mother naturally made a big fuss about a guest, with elaborate breakfast and all. Heh, I should have ppl stay over more often.

Today I returned to the active ranks of the Arabuusimiehet SETI Team. Yep, I'm wasting my processor time for SETI@Home again. Too bad we're not nearly as strong as we were in the beginning, when we were in the Finnish top3 for a good while. But who cares about statistics (or finding ET), I'm just happy to be a part of the cool project.
I know, lots of the noders (especially the Linux fanatics) don't appreciate S@H. But stuff like RC5 just doesn't fascinate a normal intellectually challenged individual like myself.

To be continued...

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