18:42 EET

Today I had the worst migraine I've experienced in ages. Thankfully it passed with enough rest. My migraines aren't of the worst kind - no puking or passing out involved - but they're still far from being enjoyable. In the last year they have been even milder than before. Could it be a permanent change? I sure hope so.

Card is arriving at 21 o'clock and plans to leave at 8 next morning. So we prob'ly won't have much of a party because of basic human need for sleep. Oh well, like there was anything to do in Hämeenlinna anyway. :)

A friend complemented the preview version of a piripolkka track I'm producing for an another person. Too bad this really means squat, because most of the people don't have the heart to say "boy, does the stuff you make suck or what?" to a friend. Then again, I produce stuff for myself instead of others, and I'm the only one who needs to be happy about it.
But come to think of it, I have never felt proud about any of my own music in the 7 years I have been creating noise.. Blah, what ever.

Backuping my whole E2 work turned out to be a bit longer process than I first expected. I wish I had thought of it when I started, so doing it in realtime would've been possible. How about a new E2 tip of the day: Backup your work! There's no telling when a trigger happy editor decides to destroy your work without a reason!

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