13:08 EET

My older grandmother called the house again at night. She just turned 89, and is in quite good health for her age. But unfortunately she has now become something of a hypochondriac. When ever she is left alone for a while (her husband passed on years ago), she starts imagining non-existent pains and seizures, causing him to call every relative that hasn't yet started to pulling off the phone cord at night. If granny can't reach anybody, he'll order an ambulance to the hospital, where they find out she really isn't physically sick and send her back. Next night, the whole episode might occur again.
The whole ordeal is quite sad, actually.

But speaking of last night, the music project I am working on for a friend is advancing nicely. But after playing around with a software synth for a while I noticed my 450MHz home PC is too damn slow. Handling 8 oscillators and 4 filters each modulated by an LFO slows things down quite a bit! :) Softsynths have progressed incredibly in the last few years though, I use them as much as my real synthesizers nowadays. (!)

Hmm. I just noticed I have been sitting here for 2 hours with my headphones on but nothing playing. The noding just took me away.
Oh, great. I forgot my minidisc folder at home. One of those days, I guess.

Being an impulsive person is strange sometimes. Last night I started feeling an urge to buy some dry white wine for the weekend. Not for getting drunk, just for the flavor. I've never been a that much of a wine person, but then again life is short and one should try as much new things and possible, right? I know I will never become one of those snobbish wine connoisseurs, but I sure as hell wouldn't want that either.

Sheesh. I arrived at E2 just in time to witness an another democrats vs republicans vs KKK vs DMan vs everybody vs XP vs EDB -situation.
Why can't we all just get a bong?

14:37 EET

I just searched for an old writeup of mine, and found out it's no longer there. Nuked? Why? For what I remember, its reputation was positive and it wasn't offensive nor otherwise awful. The writeup wasn't that funny and it surely didn't contain much factual information.. but that description fits to about 97% of my work! So why was that particular piece destroyed? An explanation would be nice.
Now I'm wondering if many other poor defenseless writings of mine have suffered the same fate, without me knowing it.
Should I start to backup all my writeups from now on, in case somebody decides E2 is not everything, but everything *they* like? Argh!
Maybe I'll just re-submit the thing right now? And again after it gets removed for the second time? What would you do then? *manical laughter*

Ok.. calm down.. relax.. breathe..
There, I'm all normal again. Never mind that last bit.

Just had a kickass lunch, consisting of a panini filled with ham, with some Pepsi Max to wash it down with. I gotta tell you, the paninis are to die for. Too bad it took me this long to discover them, but better late than never. Now I'd better to do some real work before my bosses notice I'm not doing anything besides noding here. Will I get fired because of Everything2?

23:52 EET

Well, since experience has shown that following those little impulses usually pays off, I visited Alko and got a bottle of Le Lys from Buzet. And it's good. Dry, but not vinegar-like.
"...Like I know what I'm talking about!" - George Costanza

Thanks to jessicapierce for trying to investigate what happened to my removed writeup. I guess it's backup time for now on. Thanks a lot to the dumbass responsible for destroying the piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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