11:27 EET

What, it's august already? That means the summer is slowly coming to an end.
*Ahem* Never mind me. I've just had my share of the lethally hot temperatures for the year 2000, and looking forward to seeing snow again.

A friend is asking me to produce some "piripolkka" (a Finnish slang term translating to "amphetamine polka"), since there supposedly is a huge demand for domestic material. You know what I'm talking about: the kind of simple and hard house/trance from labels like Tidy Trax, Nukleuz etc. The genre with roughly 75% of the tracks using the classic Alpha Juno preset "what the..." first made popular by Human Resource's Dominator hit, and vocal samples already used a million times since the late 80s.
Although stuff like this sometimes plays on my minidisc walkman, I'm not particularily interested in it. And with no passion or personal motivation it's hard to start producing it. Especially since originality seems to be a dirty word in the 'polkka circles.. Still, I'd hate to let my friend down, so I'm at least going to try.

Heh, it took this long for the tabloids to report Henry the Great being busted for drugs in a club here in Hämeenlinna. Since it's common knowledge (at least among people I know) that Henkka is a real vacuum cleaner when it comes to cocaine, the headlines weren't that shocking. But I guess an ex - porn star with cash flow problems could use all the publicity they could get?

On a side note: waking up at 8 sucks ass. That is all.

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