Boy, I haven't done this daylog thing in a while..

Wappu kicks ass.

Sure, I'm an unemployed loser sitting at home wasting time on a pointless and evil web site while everyone I know is out having fun and getting wasted. But screw them. I've got weed, sima and plenty of colorful balloons. Yay.

Getting downsized sucked though, there's no point in denying that. Not counting the guys who founded the firm, I had worked there for the longest. I was also the only full-time employee who was skilled in certain areas the company will certainly need in the future as well.. Then again, they had to kick out a certain amount of people and I was an obvious choice. They knew I was applying for an university later on this year, which meant I was half way out the door already. Furthermore, I don't have a family to support, which unfortunately isn't something I can say about some others who got the boot. Things could be worse - I've got savings and things are looking good for the entrance exams. Who knows, maybe in a year from now I'll be celebrating wappu in Oulu...

Time to have a joint, play some music and chill out. Come to think of it, not being downtown trying to get alcohol poisoning might not be such a negative thing after all.

To be continued.