This is pretty fscked up right here!
I just returned from a weekend getaway full of bad movies, lots of herbal remedies and the other usual stuff that goes on in our gatherings. It was not a wild party by any means, but I had fun. No complaints were heard from others either. While we didn't get Norev and Card to show up, Jope, Typo, Rexx and Deee were in the house representing Finnish Noders. Way to go, guys. :)

So, today I get home. I sit down, relax, and switch on the PC to see good old E2 for the first time in days. And what do I see? Trolls, childish trolls, infantile trolls, vegetable trolls... fake trolls. As it wouldn't be enough for a practical joke, the whole system is filled to the brim with incredibly annoying April Fool's jokes that struck me as being funny for approximately 0.3 seconds.
I don't have anything against such pranks per se. But usually you only have to be the target of a singular April Fool's joke once per single source. Now it looks like I'll have to look at l337sp33k, parc sdrawkcab, bad fake trolls and all that trash all day long if I intend to node anything.


I am probably so overly fustrated by this simply due to being tired, dirty and hungry. Perhaps my sense of humor will grow back after taking a shower. But until it does.. I'm outta here!

oh god make it stop

The chaos has apparently calmed down a little, which is nice. For the record, I do appreciate the effort to create such an extensive joke on all of us, but I myself didn't find it the least bit amusing. There were some real new users who visited the site during the "fun", and will probably never be back after seeing nothing but troll and l337 writeups. I myself would never look back if I stumbled across a site that looks worse than your worst AOL nightmare. Who knows, maybe the deal scared off a potential future Sensei? I hope at least the new would-be Finnish Noder I spotted lurking around in the middle of it all will return to see the true Everything. Or what's left of it.
But whatever anyone thinks of the scam, at least it was successful. They managed to trick many of us (including myself) for a while. All the other plots I've been tried to fool with today have been simply pathetic.

As I suspected before, the shower did the trick. Not only has my mood improved, but I am also energetic as hell and actually getting important stuff done. No idea on where the adrenaline is coming from, perhaps an unusually large amount of it formed and collected while I was sitting around stoned with my pals? :)
Actually, I should create day logs more often while in such a state. Most of the 6 people who read this probably have mistaken me for a bitter whiner who does nothing but bitches and moans about everything he doesn't appreciate. At least in my own opinion, I am actually a quite positive and happy individual. But while my desire to write day logs is fueled by emotions, it comes more naturally for me to node what pisses me off. When something positive happens, I'm usually too busy enjoying it to sit down and type. But in a situation where something has gotten me angry, sometimes all one can do is complain about it in public.
Time to stop this and hit the book again. Only a few months til the entrance exams!