Standing in front of the vending machine at the M&T Regonial Corporation Center, all of which I am about to vacuum. This is part of my "other" job. I don't consider it my job though, simply because my bosses (Phil and Carole S.) are the coolest married couple I know. I think of it as hanging out with Phil 5 days a week, more or less.

Anyway, back to the vending machine.

I have 60 cents, but most everything is 55 cents or less. So what do I get? I have no idea. I need ideas quickly, time is precious, and my upright Electrolux is calling my name, wondering where I am.

What to get?

Click!. The lightbulb finally turns on. Where am I going to go when I get home?         Everything2


What's E2 in the machine?
Peanut Butter Twix.
Bless the gods.