I think that breast augmentation IS an effective way to increase one's self esteem. That is, of course, dependent upon the fact that the person is a highly self-concious and flat chested girl to begin with.

Take me, for example. Skinny, flat-chested (supposedly -- self-diagnosed) but otherwise hourglass shaped. I was extremely shy with boys and very hesitant to get naked.

So of course the Bank of America that I worked across the street from was seemingly calling my name. As I walked in to fill out an application for my first credit card the day that I turned 18, a thought crossed my head: why not enter my annual household income as well above one hundred thousand dollars? It couldn't hurt. So in a few minutes I had a shiny new piece of plastic worth six thousand smackaroos.

And what did I do with that power but turn around and run up the stairs to the sixth floor of the medical building. I pretended to be interested in researching the procedure by asking the receptionist at the front desk for a brochure and a video. But I soon made that fateful consultation appointment and tried not to think about a sixty-year-old man who would be fondling my nipples.

Once the nipple-fondling was over and done with, I decided that I wanted to be a D-cup. Of course, my experienced surgeon decided otherwise and changed it to a full C during the augmentation.

It was very painful for the first two weeks, and I couldn't even get out of bed. But once the bandages were off and the stitches removed, I WAS A NEW WOMAN!

Nothing could stop me. Any and all men were are a possibility, or so it seemed. I went through an endless stream of relationships, from one month to 2 years, never being single for even a day. I was still wary about taking off my pants, but I would show almost anyone my new breasts.

In fact, since the surgery (3 years ago), I have told a lot of people that I have "fake boobs". Usually, if there are any females present, they want to come and touch them. And just the other day, after a few drinks, these two chicks actually took off their shirts and showed me theirs. I have never seen another young woman's natural breasts before, and they are very beautiful.

Sometimes I wish that I had never gotten breast augmentation done, but then again, I think that it had a lot to do with my identity. Ever since the surgery, I have been more outgoing, more confident in my sexuality, much less self concious about the top half of my body, and much more flirtatious around men.

So why don't you open up your phone book and dial a local plastic surgeon today?