Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography in America

A limited edition book, containing photographs of lynchingsin the United States. The photos in the book are part of the Allen/Littlefield Collection in the special Collections Department, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University. Published by Twin Palms Publishers. Also contains editorials by Congressman John Lewis, Leon F. Litwack, Hilton Als and James Allen. James Allen also provides the notes on the photographic plates.

This is a profoundly disturbing book and looking through it is like visiting a Holocaust museum.

Following the American Civil War, the number white-on-black lynchings increased. These incidents were often published in the media, both before and after their occurrence. Photographers were present to memoralize the "justice", and sold their photographs, often as postcards. This photographic record is contained in this book and is still being collected.