My Christmas was truly wonderful. Best thing of all, my son worked very hard and thoughtfully to make the holiday special to me. His consideration and care filled my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I am truly blessed as a parent.

Christmas at my parents' house usually borders on a nightmare quality - my parents relationship and communication ideal are rather like that of George on Seinfeld. But this year, my mother didn't drink, and neither did my least favorite sister. I think that went a long way toward relative calm.

Two of my nieces are new mothers of 9-month and 2-month baby boys. These are the first of the new generation. My nieces appear to be stellar moms themselves, and their children are joys.

My beautiful son (see above) played some kickass blues kazoo (like about 10 minutes of traditional-type blues, played wah-wah style with his hands over the kazoo a la trumpet) for the babies - the babies loved it.