Yes, It's pro-drug. No, I'm not really apologetic. This is what people here live with.

This is the day
That the Lord hath made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it.
--or so said someone in the Bible

Yes, indeedy. This is my special day. Indeed, my birthday. Now don't be trippin. I am weary like Leary, but it's all good because I at least know what time it is. And why a daylog, another? Still. I just got shit to say. Shit to spit. Feel?

And this is much directed at the mullet in the Camaro, yes, you can indeed even turn that shit off as you drive by because your music, not at all much unlike yourself, sucks.

Sorry, maybe this daylog will again even suck but there seemed to be something important to share, because it is My Special Day even though my girl's message told me not to wake her up to see the sunrise because she got smashed last night, even though my phone is disconnected, and even though because it is definitely not the prettiest day in the past few. However, as I may or may not have said, This is my special day and it is mine to enjoy, because the god gave it to me him or her own self to enjoy and live and experience, for better or for worse, and if you should downvote, should you chose to hate, despite the untainted truths set forth on this here web document, the thing is I ain't gonna give a flyin' fuck in the most part because almost exactly twenty two years ago I emerged from the vagina of my own sweet mother and here I am, still rockin!

It ain't no stoppin
I'm still boppin
Dre got some bitches from the city of Compton

And, no, acid won't teach you anything you didn't already know, as this log might have revealed. so just chill till the next episode

And all on top, I go over to her house, as it's my special day and whatnot expecting, say, a birthday gift, or at least nothing shy of a kiss. All I got was a cigarette and dumped. Friends?. I have friends I've been neglecting severly on account of your ass, you sweet sweet bitch, I need no more friends, none that don't kiss. And matter of factly, not only do I hate you for doing this today, I am gonna become racist now and stop the rest of the chinks before it's too late. I tried to love an Asian and got my heart all Ginsu knife-like chopped to shit pieces, and I'll be damned if they're gonna do it again. And your fucking tatoos are ugly and your short hair makes you look like a boy, if still hot. I hate you now for not letting me love you. Ewwww!!!!

Sorry, sorry, I was kidding. I love chinks!