The Fat Boys are back. And you know they could never be wack. The Fat Boys are Back. Do you like-a the Fat, Boys?!

Sorry friends, I know I promised not to come back, but those clowns in the government are doing it again. Propogating confusion, primitive and wild and all that. Welcome to the occupation.

So anyways, all apologies to Halspal, who taught me an important lesson: my homenode is His to censor. I must've misread the fag. This could be misconstrued as rude. And of course it is, dude.

Anyone, since no way ever likes my daylogs, I'll just suffice it to say that I'm in the library right now (seeinashow I pawned my computer for Bonnaroo tickets with which money I spent in one night on the local bar scene) doing the ol' interneto time waster, my mom's still waiting for me, God love her. I was supposed to meet Seargent David Scott here at 10:00 am so he could try once again to get me to join the U.S. Marine Corps. Fortunately I showed up 20 minutes late, he was gone, and I had to leave him a voice mail on his cell explaining how sorry I was to waste his time, and how I was honestly "against war and things like that."

And this is absolutely true. You can't make this stuff up. This is not bovine excrement. It's probably for the best that I could not show him the materials of my high school career alone, as he would have been shocked at the photographs of pollen, insect parts, and microscopic diamonds I took during my research at USA the summer of 1998.

And he certainly would've been saddened ate the final hand-written page which read, and still reads as I transcribe it:

To Whom It May Concern, Since 1516, minds have been attacked and overseen. Now we crawl amongst the ruins of this empty dream. With their borders and boots on top of us, they're spilling drops on the floor of their toxic metropolis. So how are you going to get what you need to get? The gut eaters' le trench! Get offensive like Tet!

The fifth Sun sets, get back, proclaim, "The Spirit of Red Eagle! Alive and untamed."

Now take this funk, I'm right here now, nice to meet ya! On the One! Maya! Mexica! Them boys who came to try to seat your name but now you found a gun!YOUR HISTORY!This is for the People of the Sun!