Today is just another Tuesday class schedule for me. Though it is a pretty day in Alabama.

I'm posting this diary entry from a much more memorable time in my life: the time I first made out with a girl.

I wrote this at the end of my junior year in high school. I have no diary entries concerning the physical aspects of any of my relationships since. This is as steamy as my diary gets (and it probably ain't enough to soak a napkin). The names are bogus.

Here’s what happened with me and Kristen, once and for all:

At first it was planned for me and her to smoke out at my house. Long story short: she, Lauren, and Bill spent the night at my house 2 nights before the day of [their] graduation. Bill was watching TV downstairs & later went to bed in my room. That’s him.

Me, Kristen, and Lauren went to my sister’s [former] room. We drank a little vodka & smoked a little pot. Then I decided that Kristen & I should get really drunk. I poured about ½ a cup of vodka into a cup. It looked really neat [in the dark] in front of [my sister’s] honey pot candle. We drank it, slowly but surely.

Big blur in memory.

Somehow, Lauren & Kristen were on [my sister’s] bed, w/ Lauren nearest the wall, both lying down. I was lying down by the bed, beside and underneath Kristen. I slowly & cautiously placed my hand on the bed, so that my arm was raised & I was still lying on the floor. We touched. It was wonderful. So passive we were at first. Our hands kept touching & feeling, our fingers moved. [Lame smiley face drawing]. Wonderful. Once or twice I reached over to her lips. She would ever so shyly kiss my fingers. Wonderful.

All the while, Lauren kept suggesting that I leave & go to sleep. Somehow Kristen & I made it to the landing of the stairs where our hand-holding continued. I puked. I think that was before any hands. I thought that might’ve ended all; it didn’t.

Somehow Kristen & I were in my room, lying down on the floor. We kept touching. Our faces neared, our lips met. She tried to slip me her tongue, but I left.

I brushed my teeth.

I returned. We got back into it; we began kissing passionately. Wonderful. Wonderful. We ended up in the hallway, kissing. Wonderful. The tongue ring. I kissed her face, the nape of her neck. Her hair got all over the place. We laughed. Wonderful. Our legs intertwined, our arms wrapped around one another, kissing. Wonderful. Wonderful. “ “ “ “ “ “

It finally ended. Wonderful.

~~Ah! Memories.