Yeah, well. It's Sunday Morning. It's just a restless feeling... And I'm too sunriseey to sleep and too lazy to work so here I am.

Today is my best boy "P"'s 21'st, so we were up 'till way past midnight (his birthday) with a function going on over at his house with at leat 57 other peers. And P's girlfriend Hellcat had another in-depth conversation with me like we only have when we are both in the zone.

Hellcat: "Why do you smoke so much pot?"

Me: You know how people waste X amount of hours a day watching TV, playing video games, wacking off? Me, I likes to smoke. By the way, how much have you had to drink? How old are you?

Hellcat: I see your point. But, think about you and the ladies. Does the lucky lady that you really want smoke pot every day?

At this point some random person from high school walks in. Cross-country or soccer or tennis or some team walks in....

Later I tell Hellcat: "You know, I think about that shit that you were telling me at LEAST once a week. But you know, drugs do something for conversation. I've talked with red and yellow, black and white, since I began smoking; and you never talk to me unless you're under the influence, so what's so wrong with the whole shit?

She passes out soon thereafter, and I am witness to several cock blocks (on both sides of the equation). I am soon wisked away to some people's house...I make it home... I come to computer lab after getting smokes.

I can't complain.

Again, today I saw the sunrise. It was wicked awesome.