Greetings fellow noders! I know my tri-yearly daylog has been anticipated for quite some time now, so here you go!.

Things here at Auburn University are pretty much the Same as it Ever Was, except for there is this uber cool dude walking around campus with a mohawk. Yes, that cool dude is I, boywithlegs! See, the other day, it was time to shave my head, as I do every 2 months or so, 'cept my friend decided it would be a good idea to give me a mohawk. I agreed, and the last week or so has been the most exhilarating of my life! Well, maybe not, but I had never really realized the infamy of a nonconformist before. I mean, I wouldn't call myself a punk per-se, although I do listen to bands such as Unwound, Joan of Arc, etc. that no one I know has heard of. Punk, no; diverse record collection, perhaps.

Also, I've figured out how to get free alcohol. The secret: shop lifting. See, I go to the Spectrum convenience store on the corner of Gay and Glenn, walk to the back wall, where they have all the refrigerated beverages. In the corner of the "L", on that back wall, there is a door leading to a room containing cases of beer. If you walk into that room, the clerks can't see your actions, and you can even walk behind the coolers where all of the imported beer and cheap, fruity wine is for sale, and stuff that shit in your pants! That's how I'm drinking wine coolers right now, despite the fact that I'm broke as a joke.

Anywhoo, 'bout the mohawk. The other night I was at a neighbor of mine's friend's apartment, and there was this chick across the street with a couple other dudes, so I mosied on over there and was all, "Hey, baby, you like mohawks?"

And she was all, "Oh, yeah! I only date guys with mohawks!"

And I was all, "You wanna touch one?"

And she was all, "Wow, I've never been asked that before..."

And me all, "Don't be scared, baby."

Then I think she laughed or something. She never had sex with me, irregardless, and that pretty much sums up my life right now.

In case you're wondering why 3 out of 4 of my wu's are daylogs, you can Suck a Cheetah's Dick. The one that isn't a daylog has 2 C!'s, baby, and there's plenty more where that came from.

Also, I've figured out my plans for this summer. My brother has a Sun Raider, a sort of Winnebago that you drive around to go camping with. And me and my boy are gonna live in that mofo this summer on the beaches of the Gulf Coast of Alabama this summer and work on the beach, make love to females, and drink lots of beer! So you fools won't be hearing from me for a while, not that you ever do anyway. But I'll fill you in on all the details in September.

Until then, keep it real, my cyber friends!

Update! ~After some not-so-scrutinous self examination, it was obvious that I am indeed very punk! I wipe my ass with MRR!