yes you're a freak :).

I have a similar issue. I am not able to code other than in 8+ hr. sessions because my brain starts up slowly. But then it is hard to stop and I get kind of irritated of other people's behaviour because to me it looks like 'buggy' C code - takes up time and does nothing right or useful :).

Sometimes then I look at people and find their behaviour funny and so predictable. I know what they'll say next and it becomes boring like a song you hear ten times everyday on all radiostations. And I think they act 80% automatically like they have programmed routines:

case alex_is_in_good_mood: say( something_cool )
etc. etc.

Especially my parents who seem to only express their feelings through comments on my 'unhealthy' lifestyle, my hair, and so. I know they love me but they show it in such a terrible way.