I was sitting around shooting the shit with some friends the other day and the topic of what constitutes a “midlife crisis” came up. Naturally, opinions amongst my learned group varied far and wide and no general consensus was formed. It was one of those rare instances in my little circle where everybody agreed to disagree.

For what it’s worth, here’s my take on it….

Fish sticks and green beans
And macaroni and cheese
Soccer games and school plays
And the patience to say “please”

Cartoons and Girl Scouts
And a week at camp for free
Laundry and groceries
And a band-aid on the knee

Wiped tears and early nights
And the wishing of sweet dreams
Pop-Tarts and chocolate milk
And inside something screams

Bike rides and long talks
And each day seems the same
Homework and new clothes
And no one to share the blame

Good job, bad job
And another boring day
There's nothing new under the sun
What’s here is here to stay

Blank stares and angry glares
Spread across the face
A quiet muffled voice inside
This is not my time nor place

Better days and longer nights
Seem sure to lie ahead
New cars and nights at the bar
And a stranger in your bed

New books and hurt looks
Now live inside your home
Money comes and money goes
And still you feel alone

A memory here and a memory there
And something begins to gel
It calls you back from whence you came
From what you thought was hell

It was never that, no not indeed
It wasn’t what it seems
It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad
It was just the in-betweens

Hopefully it doesn’t smack too much of Hallmark