Quick, can you name ‘em?

Well, actually there were thirteen but we’ll but get to that later. The Twelve Apostles were among the first converts of Jesus Christ while he was tooling around the country spreading the “word”. I guess they sorta acted like his advisors and/or inner sanctum when the time called for it. After his (Jesus) demise, they spent the rest of their lives preaching and trying to convert the masses to Christianity. Some were more successful than others but for the most part, they all had one thing in common. With the exception of John the Theologian, they all died some pretty gruesome deaths.

Peter –traditional crucifixion wasn’t good enough for ol’ Pete, in order to make a point, he was crucified upside down

Andrew – I guess the powers that be were looking for new and creative ways to improve upon crucifixion, Andy was crucified on an “X” shaped cross

James, the son of Zebedee – bored with crucifixion I guess, Jimmy was simply beheaded

John, the Theologian – Johnny got lucky, it seems he died of natural causes

Philip – in an effort to capture some nostalgia, Philip suffered his fate in the conventional method of crucifixion .

Bartholomew – I fear Bart (D’Oh!) must of really pissed some folks off, he was crucified, flayed and beheaded.

Thomas – you know, the one who “doubted “Jesus, he met his end by being pierced by five spears

Matthew, the Evangelist – compared to Bart, I guess he got off “lucky”. He was burned by fire

James, the son of Alphaeus, he met the same fate as Philip, traditional crucifixion.

Thaddeus, (aka Jude and the brother of James, son of Alpaeus) – died the same way as his brother, traditional crucifixion

Simon, the Zealot – a simple crucifixion would suffice

Matthias – the so-called thirteenth apostle, I guess he might have been sorry he joined the team since he was named an apostle after Judas Iscariot took his own life. He was eventually stoned to death and for good measure, subsequently beheaded.

Judas Iscariot – one of the starting twelve, he was later booted off the team for betraying Jesus. I guess he couldn’t live with the shame of being cut or the guilt he felt for his betrayal. Whatever the reason, he took his own life by hanging.