In light of recent events, the pilots union, at least here in the States, is considering a proposal that will allow them to carry guns into the cockpit on upcoming flights. Now, I'm not either for or against gun control of any kind, (although I would never personally own or carry one, sorry NRA), but I do see some problems inherent in this proposal.

1) Accidents happen - whether they be in a home or in a cockpit, guns have a tendency to go off.

2) Under what scenario would a pilot be called upon to exercise the use of a gun. Would it have prevented the tragedy that recently occurred? I don't know, there's people a lot smarter than I am that get paid way more money to figure this kind of stuff out. All I do know is that I will not feel any safer knowing that I'm in a plane travelling at some unimaginable speed with loaded guns in the cockpit.

3) Let's suppose that a terrorist decides then to threaten the lives of the passengers unless the pilot turns over his weapon. What is the pilot to do? Have the passengers killed or turn over his weapon? That's a decision that I know I wouldn't want to be faced with. Dead passengers or armed terrorists - what's the lesser of the two evils?

4) What training, if any, will the pilots be subjected to?

5) Will all pilots be forced to adhere to this policy? If I've got a philosophical difference regarding the use of guns, will that disqualify me from being or becoming a pilot?

I'm sure that there are plenty more reasons, both pro and con, that this extreme measure should be considered. I just don't know how much of an effective deterrent this measure will be. I will however invoke the immortal words of Archie Bunker of All in the Family fame. I think it went something like this:

Okay Meathead, I got a way to stop all these hijackings.....just arm all the passengers!!!!!!