"I think Muhammad was a terrorist"

These are just the kind of statements that set my juices flowing and no, I don't think Muhammad was a terrorist. These words of wisdom just happen to be the latest outburst from Jerry Falwell in an upcoming interview with the CBS “news” program 60 Minutes. (Sorry all you followers of Buddhism and Hinduism, he’ll get to you next) It must have been a slow news day. Anyway, he also had this to say…

"Jesus set the example for love, as did Moses,I think Muhammad set an opposite example."

A few random thoughts.

Can somebody please tell me what the hell 60 Minutes is thinking? By giving Mr. Falwell a national platform to air his views they lend a certain tacit credence to them. Do they think that Mr. Falwell’s views are representative of the mainstream of American thought? Oh yeah, I forgot, its about advertising and ratings.

Moving on, since when did Jesus and Moses corner the market on love? I guess, in Falwell’s mind, Christians and Jews are the only ones capable of expressing this emotion, all those “other religions” have nothing to offer.

While we’re at it, what say we try and polarize ALL the Muslims, even the vast majority who are , for lack of a better term, patriotic Americans by reducing their most revered prophet to that of terrorist status. I’m sure all the law abiding Muslims that live in America are now rushing out to denounce their religion and embrace Christianity. I don’t even want to consider what Muslims from around the world might think or how they will react. Haven’t we had enough of profiling people and placing them all into nice little categories to be sorted out by some right-wing lunatic fringe?

Can’t Mr. Falwell see that it is statements such as these that invite more acts of terrorism and violence towards Americans? Maybe, subconsciously, that’s what he wants. This way he can justify the killing off of members of other religions around the world, all in the name of God, America, and apple pie. (Actually that's not fair to apple pie, it never hurt anybody.)

I would like to go on record and state that as a loyal American citizen, I offer up my apologies to the rest of the world. Yes, I am proud of my country but it is the blatant airing of statements such as these, that do nothing but inflame the passions of people and offer no solutions to the growing rift that separates us that cause me great embarrassment.

With the likelihood of war with Iraq growing closer with each passing day, and the ill-timed (is there ever a good time?) airing of Mr. Falwell’s statements, I grow more and more disillusioned as time and events progress.

Sorry for the rant

Note: This node was originally titled "I think Muhammad was a terrorist" but after advice from esteemed gods and editors a daylog was deemed more appropriate. Sorry 'bout that.